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Singleton's Scrap Metal are committed to investment in new machinery to speed up the processing of scrap cars and all commercial scrap metal. Our new Liebherr 924 Crane is an investment in recycling for all our futures.

Text SCRAP to 67777 for the best price for your scrap metal and scrap cars.

Quality counts: Singletons Achieves ISO 9001:2015 Accreditation

Posted in on 24/11/2017
We love a good bit of top-quality scrap metal here at Singletons. We also strive for a high-quality standard of brews. But most of all, we a...

Working with Scrap Metal Safely

Posted in General News on 10/10/2017
We all love a bit of scrap metal art, and it's become a really popular style over the years....
Scrap metal soldier (image from BBC)

Top Five Questions We Get Asked By Plumbers

Posted in General News on 29/08/2017
Plumbers, handymen and tradespeople all come across plenty of scrap metal in their line of work, and we're sure that if you're readi...
plumber iron pipe

Manchester Building Industry Booming

Posted in General News on 19/07/2017
Focus on large-scale construction projects usually falls on the capital, but northern cities like Manchester and Leeds have also seen signif...
Manchester metal

How Will the Diesel Scrappage Scheme Affect Car Owners?

Posted in General News on 07/06/2017
Concerns about air quality have triggered a consultation into how to reduce the UK's pollution to meet EU regulations. One recommended o...
Cars being scrapped at Singleton's Scrap Metal
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Scrap Metal Credentials

  • Licensed waste transfer station
  • Members of the British Metals Recycling Association
  • Government Authorised Treatment Facility for scrap cars
  • Waste Management Licence No. EPR/JB3731RJ/A001
  • Hazardous Waste No. OEF347
  • Carriers Licence No. CB/UP3115JQ
  • WAMITAB approved
  • Environment Agency Registration No. EPR/JB3731RJ
  • ISO 9001:2015 Accredited
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