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Singleton's Scrap Metal are committed to investment in new machinery to speed up the processing of scrap cars and all commercial scrap metal. Our new Liebherr 924 Crane is an investment in recycling for all our futures.

Text SCRAP to 67777 for the best price for your scrap metal and scrap cars.

How Brexit will affect the Scrap Metal Industry

Posted in on 26/04/2017
It's been nearly a month since Article 50 was triggered by the Prime Minister, and Brexit proceedings are now firmly underway. But what ...
How Brexit will affect the Scrap Metal Industry

Five Unusual Uses for Scrap Metal

Posted in on 09/03/2017
We've all heard the saying one man's trash is another man's treasure – and while that saying isn't always applicable, it c...

How To Scrap A Car

Posted in on 11/01/2017
Some of us have a habit of hanging onto our old cars for far too long – and when it's finally time to give up on your old motor and bu...

What Has The Scrap Metal Dealers Act Done For Us?

Posted in on 25/11/2016
The Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 brought in a lot of changes to the way we deal with scrap metal in the UK. The main changes were around lic...

Where To Trade In Your Scrap Metal

Posted in on 19/10/2016
Whether you’re a tradesperson, business or homeowner, recycling scrap metal is an easy and convenient way to make a little extra money and...
Where to scrap metal in Manchester
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Scrap Metal Credentials

  • Licensed waste transfer station
  • Members of the British Metals Recycling Association
  • Government Authorised Treatment Facility for scrap cars
  • Waste Management Licence No. EPR/JB3731RJ/A001
  • Hazardous Waste No. OEF347
  • Carriers Licence No. CB/UP3115JQ
  • WAMITAB approved
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